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The Berman Center Chicago - Women's Sexual Health Center
Contact Information:
(800) 709-4709
Local: (312) 255-8088
Fax: (312) 255-8007

Berman Center, LLC
211 E. Ontario
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611
From The Dr.'s Desk:
In The News:

A Specialized Health Center for Women – Focused on Female Sexual Health and Menopause Management

Millions of women suffer from menopausal complications, including hot flashes, sleep loss, female sexual dysfunction, mood swings, depression and night sweats.

The Berman Center is dedicated to taking a natural, holistic approach to female sexual health and menopause management. The goal of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is to provide a natural treatment that is identical to the body’s own chemistry, is customized to each woman’s needs, and is regulated consistently to contain the lowest level of hormones required to relieve symptoms.

In keeping with our holistic philosophy, the Berman Center’s Bio-identical Program consists of four components for menopausal management: hormone therapy, nutrition, supplements, and fitness.

The Berman Center is a place women can go to improve their sex lives, restore their self-image and enrich their relationships. Approximately 43% of American women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Specific problems may include couples conflicts, loss of intimacy, low libido, difficulty reaching orgasm, dryness, low sensation, and even pain.

The Berman Center offers patients a unique experience by combining the clinical expertise of a premier health care facility with a beautiful, spa-like environment. As a comprehensive menopause management and sexual health clinic, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the specialized care they need. Our talented, multi-disciplinary staff provides a full-array of services, addressing both the physical and the mental challenges women face in a confidential, comfortable setting.

The Berman Center is a private, state-of-the-art facility, focused on treating the whole woman; her body, her mind, and her relationships. Our mission is to help women repair and enhance their lives and reach their full potential in a safe, therapeutic environment.

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