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  Heather C. Ramdin (nee Alleyne) ( - Currently living in Haggatt Hall, St. Michael. Attended Alleyne School 1977-83, Community College 1995-97 and Erdiston 2000.
  Sylvia Ramlochan ( - Currently living in Greensboro, North Carolina (From St. Michael). Attended Eagle Hall Primary '85, St. Michaels '90, Combermere '92, University of Dubuque '96.
  Geoffrey P. Ramsay Jr ( - Currently living in Rockville, Maryland (From The garden, St. James). Attended Abingdon S.D.A school, St. Michael.
  George.A.Ramsay and Y. Zenaida Ramsay ( - Currently living in Welches, St.Thomas, Barbados. George- attended Harrison College 1960-1968; Zen attended Modern High School 1959-1967.
  Hal M. Ramsay, CPA ( - Currently living in the Bronx, New York (From Chapel Gap, St. Michael). Attended Combermere 1964-67, DeWitt Clinton H.S. in the Bronx and Baruch College NYC.
  Linda Ramsay ( - Currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado (From Speighstown, St. Peter). Attended Community High School.
  Michael Ramsay ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Jackson, St. Michael). Attended St. Leonards Boys. Member of St. Leonards Alumni N.Y.
  Natasha L. Ramsay ( Currently residing at Wycliffe College, Gloucestershire, England (From Neil's Plantation, St.Michael). Attended St. Winifred's School '83-'91; St.Michael Secondary '91-'95; Barbados Community College '95-'96 .
  Paetra A. Ramsay ( Currently residing in Virginia (From Christ Church). 1982 Graduate of St. Winifred's.
  Rawlinson(Wally) Ramsay ( - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Speightstown, St. Peter).
  Tony Ramsingh ( - Currently living in Christ Church.
  Janet "Jan" Ratcliffe (Downey) ( Nowell) ( - Currently living on Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia (From Rendezvous Gardens, Christ Church). Attended Inga Lodge.
  Paul A. M. Ray ( - Currently living in Newark, New Jersey (From Ruby Park, St. Philip). Attended Queen's College, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University.
  Betty Y. Rayside (nee Davis) ( - Currently living in Rock Dundo Park, St. Michael. Attended Barbados S.D.A. Secondary School, "Flodden", Culloden Rd, St. Michael 1955-1959.
  Keith "Buddy" Rayside ( - Currently living in Rock Dundo Park, St. Michael. Attended B'dos Academy, Bank Hall, and Washington High School, Strathclyde, St. Michael 1958-63.
  Simon S. Rayside ( - Currently living in Orlando, Florida (From Atlantic Shores, Christ Church). Attended Grazettes Primary 1974-79, Presentation College from 1979-85 and Barbados Community College 1985-87.
  Tracey Redhead (nee Mayers) ( - Currently living in Middlesex, United Kingdom (From St. James). Attended Alexandra School 1984-89, Combermere 1989-92 and U.W.I. Cave Hill 1992-96.
  Florence Redman(Lord) ( - Currently residing in Ottawa, Canada (From St.Philip). Attended St. Michael Girls.
  Morris Redman ( - Currently residing in Ottawa, Canada (From Speightstown, St.Peter). Attended Coleridge and Parry School.
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  Tamantha A. Redman ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Welchman Hall, St. Thomas). Attended Hindsbury Primary, Alexandra Secondary and Boys and Girls High School.
  Andrew G. Reece ( - Currently living in Washington, DC (From Mt. Friendship, St. Michael). Attended Pine Primary and Harrison College.
  Anton Reece ( - Currently residing in Knoxville, Tennesee (From Mount Friendship Road, St Michael). Attended Lodge School 1973-80. Worked for Voice of Barbados and Rediffusion. First Black Dean of Student Affairs in November 1999 Paducah Community College. Currently Minority Affairs Coordinator at The University of Tennesee.
  Esther D. Reece ( - Currently living in San Diego, California (From Speighstown, St. Peter). Attended All Saints Girls, Coleridge & Parry Secondary and Point Loma Nazarene University.
  Francino Reece ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Lightfoot Lane, St. Michael). Attended Federal High School.
  Jennifer Reece ( - Currently living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (From Eagle Hall, St Michael). Attended St. Michael's School.
  Ken Reece ( - Currently living in Grazettes Terrace, St. Michael, Barbados.
  Kevin L. Reece ( - Currently living in Nyack, New York (From Merricks, St. Philip). Attended St. Marks Primary and The Lodge School.
  Marisa J. Reece ( - Currently living in Summit, New Jersey (From Deighton Road, St Michael).
 Patrick D. Reece ( - Currently living in Miami, Florida (From Mount Friendship, St. Barnabas, St. Michael). Attended Pine Primary and the Lodge School.
  Peter A. Reece ( - Currently living in Lower Greys,Christ Church.
  Dr. Sandra Reece ( - Currently living in Arlington, Virginia.(From St. Michael). Attended Queens College.
  Sheila M. Reece ( -Of Reemac Hospitality Training. Currently living in St. Philip.
  Llewellyn F Reeves ( Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Parkinson Field, St Michael). Attended Garrison 74-78.
  Sherryann Reeves ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Attended St. Michaels School 1981-86 and Pace University 1989-93.
 Francois Regis ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From St. Michael). Attended Roebuck Secondary.
  Ann Reid ( - Currently living in Rockley New Road, Christ Church (From Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended St. Michael's Girls 1966-82.
  Anthony L. Reid ( - Currently living in Eden Lodge, St. Michael. Attended Montgomery Boys, Ellerslie Secondary and UWI.
  Barry Reid ( - Currently living in Helena, South Carolina (From Lodge Hill, St. Michael). Attended Paynes Bay primary, Montgomery Boys and Combermere from 1978-1982, would like to hear from fellow classmates.
  Emerson C Reid, MD ( OR or - Currently resides in Buffalo, New York. (From Shermans St Peter). Attended Modern High School 1956-1960.
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  Frank P. Reid ( - Currently living in Nassau, Bahamas (From Westbury Road, St. Michael). Attended Lynch's Secondary and the University of Miami.
  Joyann Patricia Reid ( - Currently living in Toronto Canada (From The Pine, St. Michael). Attended New Prime Primary School 1966-1972.
  Kweku Reid ( - Currently in England Studing Bsc (hons) in Computing Studies (From Enterprise, Christ Church).
  Margaret Rose Reid ( - Currently living in Toronto Canada (From The Pine, St. Michael). Attended New Prime Primary School 1967-1972.
  Margo Patricia Reid ( - Currently living in Toronto Canada (From The Pine, St. Michael). Attended New Prime Primary School 1967-1972.
  Derick A Reveira ( - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended Coleridge & Parry School from 1980-86.
  Juliet Diana Bradshaw Morgan Relph ( - Currently living in East Hartford, Connecticut (From Deacons Road, St. Michael). Attended Deacon's Primary School and one year at the Alleyne School.
  Judy Remacha (nee Harris) ( - Currently living in Auckland, New Zealand (From Clerpark, St. Michael). Attended St. Winifreds 1948 - 1957.
  Lisa Rhodes (Clarke) ( - Currently living in Washington, USA. Attended Queens College 1963-73.
 Hadyn Rhynd ( - Currently living in Birmingham, UK (From St. George). Attended Foundation, Community College and UWI (Cave Hill).
  Bianca Rice ( - Currently living in New York (From St. James). Attended Wilkie Cumberbatch.
  Dawn Rice (nee Burke) ( - Currently living in Bay Shore, New York (From Clerview Heights, St. Michael). Attended Queen's College.
  Ian H. Rice ( - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Bush Hall, St. Michael). Attended Combermere School 1963-70 and B.I.M.A.P. 1972-74.
  Tony Rice ( - Currently living in New York (From Christ Church/St. James).
  Barry Richards ( - Currently working in Bermuda (From Rose Hill, Mile & Quarter area). Attended Coleridge and Parry between 1979 and 1985
  Herman Richards ( - Currently living in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada (From Lower Carlton, St. James). Attended Saint Albans.
  Judy Richards-Whitney ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Ashton Hall, St. Peter). Attended Alexandra - graduated 1965.
  Sandra C. Richards (Grazette) ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Long Bay, St. Philip). Attended Co-op High.
  Vallace Richards ( - Currently living in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (From Benn Hill, St. Peter). Attended Coleridge & Parry 1970-78.
  Joanne Richardson ( - Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (From St. Thomas). Attended Christ Church Foundation 1977-83.
  Margaret Richardson (nee Mayers) ( - Currently living in Adelaide, South Australia (From Rockley, Christ Church). Attended Inga Lodge School (aka "Miss Kinch") 1950-61.
  Kitch Richardson ( - Currently living in Adelaide, South Australia (From Warner's Terrace, Christ Church). Attended Harrison College from 1945-50.
  Alan Richter ( - Currently living in Santa Barbara, California (From Cleavers Hill, St. Joseph).
  Franklin Ridley (>) - Currently living in Cleveland, Ohio (From Padmore Village, St. Philip).
  Chelly Riley ( - Currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida (From My Lord`s Hill, St. Michael). Attended Ursaline Convent and Roebuck Secondary School.
  Henderson Riley ( - Currently living in Gibbons Land, Christ Church. Attended Coleridge & Parry. Currently Managing Director of H&R Transport Services Ltd.
  Lionel Riley ( - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From New Orleans, St. Michael). Attended Bay Primary Boys, Acme Unity High.
  Peter Riley ( - Currently living in London, UK (From St. Philip). Attended Princess Margaret, Six Roads, St. Philip.
  Guy and Judy (Bailey) Roach ( - Currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (From Crane St. Philip and Sea View St. Philip). Guy attended Unique Highschool and Judy attended Modern High school.
  Hyacinth Roach ( - Currently living in Hempstead, New York (From Bush Hall, St. Michael). Graduated Combermere in 1993.
  Kyrel V. Roach (nee Layne) ( - Currently living in Christ Church (From St. Michael). Attended St. Mary's Primary School, Modern High School and St. Leonard's Girls.
 Maurice Roach ( - Currently living in Middlesex, UK (From St. George). Attended Foundation (CCFS) and BCC.
  Maylene Roach ( - Currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (From Connell Town, St. Lucy). Attended Swithin's Primary and Community High at Barbree's Hill.
  Noel C. Roach ( - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Hothersal Turning, St. Michael). Attended Harrison College 1982-89 and Queen's University 1989-93.
 Ramon Roach ( - Currently living in Valley View, St. George. Attended Jones' Junior School, Queens College, University of Miami and Unversity of Wales.
  Shernel O. Roach ( - Currently living in Miramar, Florida (From St. Michael). Attended Westbury Primary, Seventh Day Adventist Secondary and Barbados Community College.
  Carolyn Roberts ( - Currently residing in Toronto, Canada (From St. Michael).
  Charles C. Roberts ( - Currently living in Yonkers, New York (From Ivy Rd, St. Michael). Attended Wakefield High School 1960-66, member of Royal Barbados Police Force 1969-77.
  Harry & Christine Roberts (nee Hunte) ( - Currently living in Pine Gardens, St. Michael. Attended Presentation College 1959-65, Queen's College 1958-67, AFS to Madison, Wisconsin 1967-68.
  Lisa S. Roberts ( - Currently living in Dorchester, Massachusetts (From Marchfield, St. Philip). Attended St. Martins Four Roads Primary and the Lodge School 1989-92.
  Stephanie E. Roberts (nee Weekes) ( - Currently living in Canada (From Four Roads, St. Philip).
  Avril Robinson (nee Brathwaite) ( - Currently living in Whitby, Ontario, Canada (From Sealy Hill, St. Philip). Attended St. Catherines Primary School and Princess Margaret Secondary.
  David H. Robinson ( - Currently living in Pilgrim Road, Christ Church. Attended Boy's Foundation School.
  Joan A. Robinson (nee Mason) ( - Currently living in Brockton, Massachusetts (From Silver Hill, Christ Church).Attended Water Street Girls 1953 to 1964.
  Melody Felicia Robinson ( - Currently living in Spooner's Hill, St. Michael. Attended Coleridge & Parry.
  Stephen H. Robinson ( - Currently living in Brockton, Massachusetts (From Pilgrim Road, Christ Church). Attended Providence Boy's 1957 to 1968. Plumber.
  Stephanie Rocchi (nee Griffith) ( - Currently lives in England. Attended Coleridge and Parry 1983-87, Community College 1987-89.
  Cherise A-M Rock ( Currently residing in St. Andrew Barbados. Attended Harrison College 1990-1997. Currently at UWI Cave Hill.
  Collin Rock ( - Currently living in Somerville, Massachusetts (From Sargeant Village, Christ Church). Attended St. Leonard Secondary Boy's School and Suffolk University.
  Karen Rock ( - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended Eagle Hall primary 1981-87 and St. Leonard's Girls 1987-93.
  Selwyn Fitzgerald Rock ( - Currently living in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (From Belleplaine, St. Andrew). Graduated from the Combermere School in 1985.
  Leah Rockwell ( - Currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida (From St. Michael). Attended St. Winifred's.
  Karl Rogers ( - Currently living in San Jose, California (From Brighton St. Michael). Attended Lodge.
  Tameron Rogers-Cambridge ( - Currently living in Nassau, Bahamas (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended St. Stephen's 1972-79, St. Leonards Girls 1979-85, Humber College & York University (Toronto, Canada).
  Cheryl A. Rollins ( - Currently living in Rockley (From Christ Church). Attended St. Matthias Girls School, Springer Memorial Secondary and Barbados Community College.
  Michael Rollock ( - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Christ Church). Attended St. Cyprian's Boys, Queen's College, Drexel U. (Philadelphia, PA) and UMass (Boston, MA).
  Spooner Ronnie ( - Currently living in Wildey, St. Michael.
  Anita Rosales ( - Currently living in College Park, Maryland (From Lodge Hill, St. Michael). Attended Ellerslie Secondary.
  Cecelia Rose-Dickinson (Rose) ( - Currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana (From Sargeants Village, Christ Church).
  Dawn L. Rose ( - Currently schooling at UPENN.
  Lee R. Rose ( - Currently living in Shermans, St. Peter. Attended Coleridge and Parry 1982-87, Babados Commnity College 1991-93 and UWI (Cave Hill) 1996-2001.
  Marlene R. Rose (nee Maynard) ( - Currently residing in Yorktown Heights, New York (From Airy Cot, St. Thomas). Attended Hillaby Mixed School 1960 to 1965.
  Sabrina T.A. Rose ( - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Church View, St. John). Attended St.Margarette's Composite.
  Terry Rose ( - Currently residing in Yorktown Heights, New York (From Hothersal Turning, St. Michael). Maternal family; "Fords" from Hothersal Turning. Paternal family; "Roses" from Bayland, St. Michael.
  Marguerite "Maggie" J. Ross (nee Toppin) ( - Currently living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (From St. Michael). Attended St. Winifred's School in 1951-62.
  Deborah Ross-Ard ( - Currently living in Burling County, New Jersey (From Flagstaff, St. Michael). Attended St. Ursula's.
  Carol Ross-Cenac ( - Currently living in Collegedale, Tennessee (From Eckstein Village, St. Michael).
  Fleur Rothwell ( - Currently living in Devon, England (From Westmoreland, St. James). Attended St. Gabriels School, Codrington High School and Queen's College 1982-87, Cambridge University 1991-93 and the University of Natal, South Africa.
  David E. Rouse ( - Currently living in St. James. Attended Community High School.
  Joyann Rouse ( - Currently living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (From Black Rock Main Road, near Ashdeane Village, St. Michael). Attended St.Matthias' Girls school and Springer Mermorial Secondary.
  Kerry Rouse ( - Currently living in Jackson, St. Michael. Attended Sharon Primary, Alexandra Secondary and BCC.
  Radcliffe.A.Rouse ( - Currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (From Fitts Village, St. James). Attended Good Shephards Boys School and Coleridge & Parry.
  Tamara M. Rouse ( - Currently living in Wildey, St. Michael. Attended Combermere, 1987-1994, Barbados Community College, 1995-1997. Currently at UWI, Cave Hill.
  Trevor A Rouse ( - Currently living in Mesquite, Texas (From St. Michael). Attended St. Leonards.
  Samuel L. Rouse ( Currently residing in Black Rock, St. Michael, Barbados. (From Cheshire, St. John). Attended St. Anthony's High from 1967 to 1973.
  Valerie Routley (nee St. John) ( - Currently living in Phuket, Thailand (From Half Moon Fort, St. Lucy). Attended St. Winifreds and Christ Church Foundation School until 1985.
  Allan Rowe ( - Currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (From Pennyhole, St. Philip). Attended Princess Margaret High.
  Antonio Rowe ( - Currently living in Gibbons Terrace, Christ Church. Attended Harrison College.
  Stephen R Rowe ( Currently residing at Road View, St Peter, Barbados. Attended Combermere School 1974-1982; UWI Cave Hill (Currently).
  Selma Rowe-Harvey ( Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Gemswick, St Philip).
  Patricia Aneta Rowe-Seale (bernard& - Currently living in Marchfield St Philip, Barbados (From Black Rock, St Michael) Attended Foundation 1974 - 1980.
  Dale F. Ruddder ( - Currently living in Harts Gap, Christ Church. Attended Garrison Secondry School.
  Lindsay Rudder ( - Currently living in Christ Church, Barbados.
  Margaret V. Rudder/Sharpe ( - Currently living in Queens, New York (From Blades, St. Philip). Attended Industry High QEH School of Nursing, graduated from Queensborough 1988. Bachelor of Science from St. Joeseph's College in Brooklyn.
  Roderick (Rod) Rudder ( - Currently residing in Chantilly, Virginia (From The Ivy, St. Michael). Attended St. Giles and Combermere.
  Sonia V. Cheryl Rudder ( - Currently living in Adelphi, Maryland (From Bullens Avenue, Dalkeith Road, St. Michael). Graduated St. Ursula's Girls School in 1972 and attended Cave Hill 1972-74.
  Salome, Job, Karen, Nicole, Habeeb and Rajaee' Rushdan ( - Currently residing in Baltimore Maryland (From Oxnards St James).
  Allan B. Russell ( - Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia (From The Ivy, St. Michael). Attended Combermere in the 60's.
  Francina Russell ( - Currently living in St. Thomas, Barbados. Attended The St. Michael School - 1980-1985; Queen's College - 1985-1987 and the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill - 1988 -1992.
  Judy G. Russell-Murray ( - Currently living in Oshawa, Ontario (From Rogers Rd, St. Michael). Attended Parkinson & Washintgon.
  Sonja Russell ( - Currently living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (From Speightstown, St. Peter). Attended Westbury Primary and Ellerslie in 1980.
 Karen Russwurm (nee Small) ( - Currently living in Koeln, Germany (From St. Andrew). Attended Combermere.

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