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This young man is searching for his male twin
They were separated at birth.He has 2 birth certificates DOB
7-2-1963 7-2-1962
They were born in Tulare county in CA.
Contact me at ( )


--My name is Mike, and I am in search of my TWIN BROTHER. I was born March
10, 1981 in West Palm Beach, Florida. I now live in Georgia. If you have
seen someone that looks like me, , please contact me at
For more background information on me or pictures, please visit my personal
web page at
Please, only serious inquiries respond.

  Twin Boy ISO B-Mom

 i am searching for my husbands birth mother. Twin boys born 8-2-66

Long beach memorial hospital. Birth mothers name Mary Lee Lyman. Do not

want to disturb her life but would love any information. Please contact me at




ISO Twin  M/F

DOB ----2-24-44

Hospital -----Bryan Memoral

State & City ---Lincoln, Nebraska

Delivering Doctor ---Robert E Morris

Mothers Maiden Name ---Kreps

B-Fathers Last Name ---Henry

I have been told that my twins DOB & the state we were born in has probley been changed,we also think my twin could have been sold on the black market.You can go to my web site and see my picture and my search info as i know it. My URL

Cee Cee


Twin’s Male & Female ISO   B-FAMILY

1956  Male and Female twins, Birth record shows the Birth date of July 1, 1956.

We were put into a foster home in Hyattsville, Maryland, on Nicholson Street.

The foster home was owned my a Mrs. Ann Turner and family, Ann Turner if still

living should be around 80 years old, the last information was that she had moved

somewhere in Florida many, many years ago. Mrs. Turner at the time had a son

named Colin Turner and daughter named Birdie Turner. we have reason to believe

Mrs. Turner (the foster mother) husband was Pete Turner.

I thought that we were born in Sibley Hospital in Washington  D.C. or Prince George's County.

But now have reason to believe that we might have been born at St. Ann's Hospital

for Un-wed Mothers in Washington D.C.  We were both adopted we think at the age of 6 months.

The adoption papers were signed in Hyattsville, Maryland. We were raised together in Lewisdale, Maryland.

When I was adopted(girl) I had braces on my legs.

It might be possible that out birthmother was unmarried, and our birth father was married,

We think that they were stationed in Washington. D.C. because both might have been in the service.

Any information would be greatly appreciated,

Finally a web page for Twins.....Thanks so much.......

Every year another birthday goes by for us all.



Twins ISO B-Family

Nancy Le  Female twins ISO any birthfamily members.  We were bornin NC 3/6/68.  Our birthmother's family came from a farming, stonecutting,mill/factory work, military background.  They were Baptist.  Our birthfathercame from a construction/mechanical background and probably went into themilitary.  Our birthmother was 22 when she had us and our birthfather was around 19.  Our birthmother's family had brown to black hair, green, hazel and blue eyes.  One of our aunts was a nurse and won scholarships and was in the top of her class.  Our birthfather had blonde hair, blue eyes and a ruddy complexion.  His family was protestant (no denomination availble).  I have lots more info.  We just want to find our families.  We have two sisters born before us; one also given up for adoption.  My email is



I am looking for my twin sister. The were born to Janet Wenzel on July 6, 1959, in Toledo, Ohio. The names my mother gave them were Kimberly and Kelly. If you have any information please contact me at:


ISO bfamily,
F-twins born 11-4-69 in roseburg, oregon at douglas comm. hospital to
unwed woman last name Robinson, her dob 4-?-48, at that time she had a
20 month old son, she was working as a secretary had finished one yr.
business school. she was 5'3" tall, auburn hair and hazel eyes. she
originates from southern oregon. bfather was 24yrs old and employed as a
email me at


Twin Boys born 1-4-50 in Glendale, California. Adopted at birth to Casey and Margaret Conrad. We are searching for our birth parents and siblings. We can be contacted @(916)481-7135 or e-mail



ISO Twin

Born 6-18-1961 in Dallas TX looking for twin separated at birth.Brother is about 5'6" tall black hair brown eyes and dark complection,thin build.He was adopted by a couple in Wichtia Falls,TX he may have seen his ID TWIN AT A RED LIGHT ABOUT 1980 IN WICHITA fALLS. bOTH TWINS WHERE GIVEN A PLACTIC TOYBY B-MOTHER. We are axious to find him & reunite him with our family contact me at

Searching for twin brother. Born 03/15/1937 in Brooklyn or Queens, New
York. Our surname before adoption was Paul--we also have older siblings.
My birth first name was Patricia. I was adopted-were any of you? I would
like medical information and a relationship if you are interested. I have
been looking for you all for a long time. If you have any information about
a Paul family from Brooklyn or Queens please contact me at  Thank you Lindsay

Male Triplet in search of birth family.
Three boys born in January 1967 at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck, NJ. We
were told our birth mother, seventeen at the time tried to keep us with the
help of her grandmother, and later put us up for adoption. The adoption was
through Childerns Aid and Family Services. Inc. in New Jersey. The adoption
took place around November 1967. Any information please email to

Twins ISO B-Family
My twin sister and I were taken into state custody at age 3. We were born
12-30-67--birth names, Sheraldine Marie Simpson and Geraldine Marie Simpson,
around Atlanta GA. Have 3 siblings---Angela Simpson, Steve Simpson, and Junior Simpson--whereabouts unknown. Have no information on parents. My twin and I were adoted in 1976. Any information regarding parents and or siblings would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Contact me at

Male twins separated at birth
I am trying to find my twin brother. We
were separated at birth and adopted out to two families. We were born
April 16, 1947, Arlington Hosptial in Arlington, Virginia. Birth
mother, Jaunita Mae Constantz of Canton, Missouri; birth father,
Lawrence Kennon Dudgeon of Ewing, Missouri -- both deceased. My
brother may have gotten a letter from our mother left with the delivery
doctor, Prentiss Wilson in Arlington. My brother called my mother and
she saw him sometime in the mid-1970's. He said that he was a medical
doctor, heading out West.We are of German American descent. This was a private, "grey
adoption". There is a good possiblity that our mother was unaware that she gave birth to twins.Contact me at

Male Twin
DOB 2-09-58            FOUND IN 1999
searching for his birthparents and any possible
siblings. He has picked up things through the years
that makes him believe there are siblings, at least a
sister who was names Lisa. He has his original bc,
the name on it is Richard Dennis Davis, birthfather
Roy Albert Davis was born in Fredricksburg,PA and a
cabinet maker. Birthmother, Patsy Ann Davis, nee
McGaugh, born in Winona, MS but a resident of
Greenville,MS for 20 years before the birth. I have
tried finding both of them with no luck. Twins were
born in Chicago at Lewis Memorial
Maternity Home. He thinks that he wasn't adopted
until he was 3, there is a date on the bottom of the
amended bc of 1962 so that supports that. We have
both the original and amended birthcerts (he has
2,it's a long story). You'd think with all this
information it would be easy. Since we have the
original it would seem it was an "open" adoption since
they weren't hiding their identity.CONTACT ME AT

m/f twins in search of birth family
Names at birth ----Mitchell L Coffman & Lynn M Coffman
We were born in Yolo County, California. We believe on 09/28/64.
My adoptive parents names were Phillip and Inge Dibona. Phillip was in the airforce and Inge was a nurse.
We were told that our b/parents werevery young. My b/mother was a nurse and my b/father was in the construction industry.
Am in search of anyone in my birth family that can help me establish roots or friendship. Need many questions answered.
Please email me if you have any info.

Twin ISO Her Twin
I am searching for my Twin sister.We were born in Florence ,Vermont on the
Davis Mills Farm.Our correct birthdate is April 26 or 27,1954.My (amended
birth certificate) birthdate in public records is June 15, 1954.I have some
(possibly correct) information that my twin's birthdate may be listed as May
13,1954.Our BirthMom is Beverly Champine from Proctor,Vermont.Our BirthDad
was Gerald Winston Peterson from Nashwaaksis,New Brunswick,Canada.Our
parents subsequently married in 1955 and had 2 more daughters and 2 more
sets of twin daughters.
We are of Swedish/French/Canadian/Indian heritage.I have light freckly
skin,green eyes,dark blonde hair(although it was much lighter and
reddish-blonde when I was younger.I am 5'5" and large-boned.
I suspect our adoptions were Blackmarket,not entirely legal,and many of the
documents and dates were changed.The Non-Identifying information obtainable
from the State of Vermont, is only about 80% correct, and it is listed that
I was a single birth.(I know all the above to be correct as I have located
my entire birth family since 1993.)
Any help or information even remotely possible will be greatly appreciated. Contact me at

I am looking for my sisters they are twin girls born on July 14th 1978. There birth names were Christina Lynn and Michele Antonette Monroe. They were born in N.J. and I know they were adopted through Bethany Christian Services in P.A. You can contact me at

ISO twin African American/Hispanic boys.
Born June 28, 1976 to Anthony Beasley and Yvonne Beasley.
The boys had a younger sister, Dad was in the Army and away on training
when Yvonne became overwhelmed. She surrendered the boys to Social
services in Bisbee County Arizona. They were about three at the time.
Father was later informed that the boys were adopted by a nurse in 1979
in Arizona. Anthony Dwayne had straight dark hair and Joseph Lee had
curly dark hair. Father has been looking for you both, please contact if this is you, or you know these young men.

B-Family ISO M & F Twins
I am looking for my older brother and sister that are twins. Their birth
names are Christopher Gene
and Christina Jane Dieters. They were born July 17, 1970 in Hickory North
Carolina at Catawba Memorial Hospital. They were in foster care through
Catawba County Social Services until they were about 7 or 8 years old--then
I believe they were adopted. You think since they were that old they
would be easy to find, but I have not had any luck.
Contact me at

Adoptee Twin Sister's ISO B-Family
I along with my twin sister were adopted
at the age of 6 weeks through the State of Lousisiana. We were born in Ruston, Louisiana. Our birthday is 9/28/80. Our birth names were believed to be Tonya and Sonya. We are searching for birth parents or any other family.Contact me at

Male Twins ISO B-Family
I'm searching on behalf of my dad and his fraternal twin brother. They were born June 1945 in Chicago. We have no further info. Please email to

Twins Separated At Birth
I recently discovered that I am a twin seperated at birth. My mother was
told during regular pre-natal visits that she was having twins. She saw
both of us after our birth but was later told that my twin brother died. I
was marked as a single birth on my birth certificate, and my mother was
never given a birth certificate or death certificate for my twin. Also
there was no baby to bury. I feel very strongly that my twin was sold and
is still living. I have known all my life that I was a twin and feel
relief that I now know for sure that I am one. My birthdate is 07/19/42
possibly 07/20/42, birthplace Kingman, Arizona. Contact me at

B-Silbing ISO Twin Sisters ( Adoptee's )             Found 03/00
I am searching for twin sisters born December 15, 1970 in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Names at birth were Marlene and Charlene Morgan. I am adoptee also given up by same birth mother.

Female Twin ISO Her Twin Brother Adoptee
Here is the information I have: Born 3/5/37, Pittsburgh Pa. , probably Mercy
Dr. j.d. Carroll , Mothers name Lorena Norris (may be fake first name)
father Oden or
Owen Rodgers, she was 19 and he was 21, both born in Ohio. The twin might
have been
adopted out by Chatholic Charities.
I have and address for her in Wilkensburg but have not chased that down yet.
I know this is an old cold trail, but who knows?
Susan Pappas
Contact me at

ISO possible twin. I am searching for a possible twin. I was born in Warm
Springs, GA. 6-19-61. Have been able to get no verification from birth
family either way, however, extended family has implied there was another
baby. I suspect the other child (if there was one) was taken by the natural
father (not the husband of the birth mother). If any of this sounds familiar
to you, I would be very grateful for an e-mail. To the natural father: I
still have the necklace: I only want to know you and have you as part of my
life. No demands on you. Please contact me.

ISO Afro-American Twin Boys
I am there grandfather ,my Sons name is George Kimbrough.
Keith and Kendrick Thomas (Kimbrough)(?)
Born: in chicago Ill. --July (?)
South Shore Hospital
Mother: Elain Thomas
Grand Parents: Roy and Juanita Thomas
Approx.Age Now: 22
Suppose Father: George Kimbrough
B-Mothers Madian Name ---ElainThomas
Originally from Chicago lll
B-Moms parents--Roy & Juanita Thomas
My last contact with twins was when they lived in Lithonia ,Ga,i believe they are living in Alanta,Ga now.
Contact me at (

ISO Twin Boys & one brother
Looking for 3 brothers twins( Jesse and Jolie) and Justin. They are all in
their early 20's the twins were born in Washington state Dec.1976 Justin
was born in Feb 1978.(I Think?) Mother is JoAnn Jaeger who is suffering
from a mental illness, and lost her children due to her illness. The boys
were adopted around 6-8yrs. old. I think the twins were born at the Swedish
Hospital and Justin was born in the ambulance. I am their half sister
Julie and my brother Jeff and I moved to Hawaii to live with our father and
other brothers when the twins were only 2 and a half years old and Justin
was about 6 mths. old.
Anyone with any innformation please e-mail me at  or call
808-388-1029 and leave a message. Thank you very much!!!

ISO Lost Triplet
My sister and I were born on 7-3-53, in Gastonia NC. Under my mother
and father's name was A-B-C
three girl. We are lost at this and my mother says it is not true, we want
to believe this, then my mother
received a call from a girl looking for sister. She was most likely upset,
my mother told us that she yelled at
her and she hung up, she has not called back.
Born Gastonia, A, B, C, 7-3-53, A.B. came
home, C did not, we consider this black market and stolen. Thanks Ira,

My name is Lexine. I was born in Reno, Nevada, on 12/5/66. My non-id states that I have paternal half twin sisters who were 9 years old when I was born. Our father was a laborer, 5'11" slender build, brown eyes and hair, Swedish origin, 27 years old in 1966. He was married to my mother at my time of birth, but they were separated. I would love to find my twin sisters.

searching for missing twin.3-16-64 date of birth. born in philadelphia pa. e mail address is

Twin sister ISO ID twin sister
My name is Suzanne and my sisters name is Angelique. I am searching for my
identical twin sister.
We were born in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, Canada.
Our Parents were killed in a car accident when we were 4 years old. My
sister and I were both in the back seat and both survived.
After our parents were killed we were with different
"foster" families. During this period we were able to see each other
infrequently until we were 9 years old. It was then that my sister was
adopted. This was the last time we saw each other.
I have a website that has been setup for the purpose of finding her:

Twin Boys ISO B-Parent's
My name is Nay and I am helping twin boys who are trying to find their birth parents.
They were born 2/15/64 in Evanston, Illinois. Their adopted mother seems to remember the name Zaker on the birth certificate, but unsure. I have gone through the births in Ill and there seems to be at least 4 other sets of Zaker twins, but unable to find a match to their birthday. Please email me with any info anyone can give me.


Gordon & George Johnson born at Florence Crittenton Hospital in Detroit ,
Mich. Dec.17,1937. Their Mother was Martha Lorene Johnson born Aug,29, 1919
in Henderson , Henderson Co, Ky. Her Dad was 43 when she was born and a
Blacksmith . He was born in Davies Co. Ky. Her mother was Sarah Bozarth
Johnson age 32 . Born in Grayson Co. Ky
Their Mother Martha was 18 and had another child when the twins were born.
The twins were never adopted. Please email me Vicki Miller ...  Thank you


1/2 Brother ISO Twin Girls
Several years ago my husband found out he has twin 1/2 sisters (Grace and
Gloria - daughters of George Sweet - George was born in Easton, PA). The
only infomation we have is that they are/were living in Wisconsin. They
would be in their late 70's early 80's. I would like to find them or their
heirs to surprise my husband for his 50th birthday.
Contact me at    sweetjj@.NU.COM

Twins ( Female ) ISO B-Mom
Lynda is a twin that was born 7-31-52.
She and her sister are starting to look for their birthmother. They were
born at St. Francis Hospital, BeechGrove, IN. Their birth names were Sharon Lee & Karen Cotton.
Contact me at

Twins ISO B-Family
My twin sister and I have put a lot of thought into this and are now
ready to search for our birth mother and/or father. We were born in
Everett WA on September 22, 1969. Contact us at

Twin ISO B-Family
I am a female, my twin brother and I were adopted at birth. We were born at St. Teresa Hospital in Beaumont, Texas. We were transferred to Baptist Hospital in Beaumont. My adopted mom worked for a doctor in Beaumont. My birth mom visited the doctors office next door to where my adopted mom worked. My birth mothers name was Ruby Jean Yarborough. She was in the process of getting a divorce when she became pregnant with us. She did not know she was having twins. She already had other children and could not afford to keep us. The man Ruby Yarborough was getting a divorce from was a J. L. Yarborough. We were told he possibly, was not the father of us. She did not want him to know of the pregnancy for some reason. I was told she was from, or had lived in, Houston or Rockport, Texas. My twin died 2 Christmas's ago, and my adopted mom died last Christmas. I am not mad at anyone, just curious. I have some health questions that need to be answered if possible. I would love to talk to or meet any family members. Also, my adopted moms name was Mary Sue Simko. The adoption was handled through a private attorney. I was told my birth mom came back to Beaumont, TX. later and tried to contact my adopted mom. My birth mom was told we moved out of town. If anyone can help or wants to communicate, we can do it through a friend. You can e-mail her at  We were born on April 13,1955 in Beaumont,Texas , Susan

 Sister ISO Twins
I'm searching for my twin sisters born in either farmington or
southfeild Michigan. At botsford or providence hospital. They were born
in April of 1982. They were given up for adoption a few years after
being taken out of our fathers custody (1993). They were taken due to
poor living conditions and abuse. We are sisters only by our father. I
believe their last name was changed, however their names are Laura and
Lorraine Robbins. I believe they are still in MI. If any of this sounds
firmilar PLEASE email me   I know your somewhere out there.
My name is Angel Holt born 01/21/76

Twin ( Male ) ISO B-Family
My name is Richard. I am an adoptee searching for any birth family members and also for foster family members. I was born in Adams County, Colorado on 1/12/68. I was a twin. I was born spontaneously and prematurely at my birth mother's house in Adams County, Colorado. My twin brother apparently died at birth. I weighed 2 lbs. 9.5 oz. My birth mother had 3 other children, ages 6 (F), 4(F)(possible kidney disease), 3(M). I spent a few months with my birth mother and her family, but did sustain many injuries that resulted in hospitalizations. At 11 mos. I was put into foster care. I was in 4 foster homes, entering the last in 11/68 (possible name of foster family - Delucci). My birth mother relinquished her parental rights 5/5/71. I was placed in my adoptive family's home 4/14/72 and the adoption was finalized 4/17/73. I am searching for any birth family members. Would also like to find the Delucci family.
If any of this sounds familiar, please e-mail me:

B-Mom ISO Twin Sons
I am a bmom ISO my Identical Twin Sons. They were born on
May 28th, 1972 in Savannah Georgia at Memorial Hospital.
Their bcert may say that they were born in or around
Atlanta. They were in the hospital for approx 6 weeks due
to preemie weights. THe weights were either 3-6 and 4-11
or 3-11 and 4-6. Not sure. I was allowed to go down to
Savannah once a week to visit them while they were in the
hospital. Upon their release from the hopsital they were
brought to the Richmond County DFCS in Augusta Georgia
where I was able to hold them for the one and only time
prior to them being turned over to their a-parents. I
placed a silver cross on each ones lapel. The adoptive
father was a doctor and the mother was a teacher who gave
up teaching to adopt both boys. (we did not know I was
having twins until the second one was born). I named them
Jonathan Lee and Jeffrey Michael Rice.
I don't want to disrupt their lives. I want to let them
know about their brother and sister. I want to let them
know what medical history I know about. I too am adopted
and don't have much but have had some problems that they
should be aware of. Heart problems are one of the
biggies. I had OHS at the age of 43. I want them to know
that I have thought of them everyday since I placed them.
I want them to know that I love them.
Alta McNatt
ICQ #33338284
email addy

Twins ISO B-Family
m/f twins dob 6-23-59 born in tampa, searching for birth family bmom 19 yrs old ,,bdad 28 years old at the time. please help find them for me. Contact us at

Twins Seperated at birth
I believe I am a twin seperated
at birth. Information recently came to me which confirms this even
though I have suspected it for some time. The only information I have
comes from my birth certificate which I believe may have been
David Rothwell born 12,13,1961 @ 10:13PM at Galveston Memorial
Hospital in Texas City, Texas.
The attending Physician is A.A. Magliolo. My birth parents are listed
as Dimple & David.
The extended family source was vague at best but suggested I
search in Wisconsin
My address & phone # are 501-253-8059
David Rothwell
19 Pine St.
Eureka Springs, Ar. 72632

Twins iso birthfamily. Born in Seattle on April 8, 1970 at Harvard View Medical and adopted through the Childrens aid society. You may email me at

B-Twin ISO her adopted Twin
My name is Regina D. White. My maiden name is Flory. I was born September 28, 1965 in Gravette, Arkansas. The doctor who delivered me was Bill Hall. My mother had regular pre-natal visits but was never told she might be having twins.At the hospital I was delivered first and then the doctor gave my mother something to make her sleepy. She woke up just after having my twin and saw us both together then the doctor gave her more of the same medication to make her go back to sleepWhen my mom was recovered she asked to see us and the nurse brought me in but not my twin. When my mom enquired about my twin they said it died. I was marked as a single birth on my birth certificate, and my mother was never given a birth certificate or death certificate for my twin. Also there was no baby to bury.
I feel very strongly that my twin was sold and is still living. As a young girl I knew I had a twin before my mother ever told me. I would very much like to find out what happened to my twin brother or sister. Contact me at(

Female Twins ISO B-FAMILY
We are identical twins, born 8-30-51(?) (although the birth
date could have been changed) around 1 am.We were born 6 minutes apart
and our first names were Sharon and Karen. We were born in Richmond,
Indiana. We believe that our mother was unmarried, but not sure. We
both need to know about medical history. We are not interested in
disrupting anyone's life or ours, however, we will not rule out the
possibility of having contact.I have a few other details that I am
purposely not revealing because they could verify the authenticity of
who ever may try to contact me.My e-mail address is

Twin ISO B-Family
My twin brother and I (female) were born 4/22/61 at Swedish Hospital in
Seattle, WA. We were delivered by Dr. Richard Soderstrom. Our mother
was young-we were told 17. She ended up sharing a room with the woman
who would become our adopted paternal aunt. Our aunt had a baby girl
4/21/61 who grew up to be my best childhood friend. We were adopted
through Washington State Children's Home Society. We were called "Jack"
and "Jill" for a month before we were adopted. I still live in the
Seattle area. I am looking for birthfamily relatives.Contact me at

Male Twin ISO Twin Brother
Contact me at

ISO Birth Parents or other Siblings
Twins males: DOB: 11/10/45 POB: Marg. Hague,Jersey City NJ.
B/Names are Edward C & Charles E Smith Now known as Tom & Jeff.
Adopted in NY. Adoption was private. Attorney was Isadore Needleman.
Adopted when they were around 13 months old. B/Mother possibly kept them.

B/Sibling: DOB: 10/23/46 POB: Marg. Hague Jersey City NJ.
B/Name was Ronald Smith. Adopted in NY. Also a private adoption through a
lawyer, Engleman from NY. Told adopted when he was about 2-3 months old.
B/mother was also to have kept him during this time. Now known as Donald.
The brothers were adopted in two separate Jewish homes, not together.
Information they share. B/Father Edward Smith. B/Mother Olga
Sommers/Smitkin(s). Claimed POB are Jersey City NJ.
Nothing could be found on these B/parents therefore its possible the
information they have is false. These guys have their original birth
certificates. Since they were adopted in NY their records are not available
to them. Please contact me their friend if any of this looks familiar.
Thanks! Diane

Female Adoptee ISO BParents, possible twin brother,
"Cole" Blackmarket Adoptee
DOB 5/24/47
Miami, Florida
Dade County
The following information maybe falsified by Dr. Katherine Cole on
Consent for Adoption Form:Bparents George W. and Jean W. Perkins
716 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL.Married to each other Pittsburgh, PA 1946 (I have been unable to find marriage license ) Miami Herald Newspaper birth announcement listed a "son" born 5/24/47 to
George W. Perkins, 716 N. Miami Ave (this could be an error or falsified
information by Dr. Cole). Adoption handled by Atty Troy C. Davis .Contact me at

Looking for my twin sister born 1-11-1958 in Brookings SD and adopted by a different family.
Her nickname is "Sissy" or "Crissy" and she lived around Madison SD about 1978.
Please see for more info & pictures. Or e-mail me at Any info no matter how old would be much appreciated!

ISO My Twin
I'm looking for a possible twin. I was born in a suburb of Boston on Nov. 14, 1940. My mother and father had a fertility specialist doctor, by the name of Conrad. He used a private hospital in Jamaica Plain, because he was using methods that were not accepted at that time. I suspect that I might be a twin because my mother was not awake during my caesarian birth, she and my father had little money, and other circumstances during my life have led me to believe that the possibility of a twin sibling
Contact me at

April of 1999  Found
B-Father ISO twin boys
Twin Boys were born August 1969 in Lansing, Michigan. Adopted shortly after their birth. Belived to be named Kevin and Chris and could have gone to Mason Michigan schools. Birthmother living in Lansing Michigan and Father living in Mt. Pleasant Texas. The birthfather would like to be available if they want to find him.Contact me at

B-Family ISO Twins ( Females )
born 1939 or 1940 in Washington D.C. to Jean Catherine Sanders (mothers
birth name)
given up for adoption around 1943 to a couple in Texas. Unkown rather
both went to
same couple. I am the sister who was kept and raised by grandmother. I
am 4'11" blue
eyes, very blond hair in my childhood. Found picture of twins many
years ago and we
looked very much alike..I have no other information.Contact me at

B-Family ISO Twins
Mother-in-law passed away 12/23/97 and the skeletons emerge
Set of twins were born supposedly sometime between 1946 and 1948
Don't know the gender, date of birth or where in New York
Don't know from where they were adopted
Don't know the fathers name, but could have been Lloyd Scott Deeden, lived in Phil. PA
Mother Lorraine Deeden or could have used maiden name Harden, or (?), lived in Phil. PA
Don't know if twins were adopted together or separated at adoption
Do know they are at least part Afro-American, if not full .All I know for sure have a brother who was raised as an only child, and only found out about you Feb. 1998. He always wanted siblings and would love to meet you.Does any of this sound familiar? Contact me at

  Found  7-22-00
I am searching for my twin brother and sister. They were born in Tampa Florida in 69' or 70'. Their Bmom was Irene and Their Bdad was Avern. Their surname could have been Satterfield or Carter. Please if you have any info, e-mail me at

Searching for twins that were adopted in Gulfport Mississippi. Born to
my mother approx 31st August 1964. Charles William Heckman and Sean
Eugene Heckman. They were born at the Gulfport Memorial Hospital. My
mother cared for them for approx six months when one needed a surgery
that she could not provide. My brothers and sisters would like to
reunite with Charles and Sean.
Email me at My name is Valerie


ISO Twin Brothers
I'm currently looking for my twin brothers. I think they are located in the central Illinois area but I'm not sure. They are 14 years of age birthdate Nov, 8 1984
Steven Andrew and Terrence Edward (Ball) Folks? Contact me at

Female searching for twin brother born 5-24-42 or few days around 24th. Adopted thru Milam Home in Lubbock, TX. Birth weight 3lb4oz.Adopted by family in Plainview,TX. Do not know birth name or family.I am 5'6" w/dark blonde hair,play the piano and organ, sing, am artistic. I have twin sons and just found I was adopted about 3 yrs ago. Please contact w/any info or suggestions for search. Thanks.


I am helping my father search for his twin sisters. They were born in Kansas
and adopted to a Mr. and Mrs. Allen Smith of Dillworth, OK. Birth Parents
were Alma Brockway and Robert (Bob) Roth. Both are now deceased. DOB was
Tue, June 21 -1938. Please email any info to

Twin Adoptee's ISO B-Family
Becky and her twin brother is Bruce. They were adopted
together. She doesn't think she had a name before that. She was adopted
from an orphanage . On her birth certificate it said she was born
11/22/60 in Winterset , Iowa. She was adopted by John and Hazel McBride.
Adoption date 9/27/61. Her adopted Mom told her once her birth mom was
17 when she had twins and could not take care of them. Now she said she
didn't say that. She also told her she was born in Iowa but not the
city. So Becky thinks the orphanage may have been in Winterset.Contact me


Twin Girls searching for b-father
Colleen Marie and Christine Ann were born on 5/18/75 in So. Lake Tahoe,CA at Barton Memorial hospital to Donna Harrison. Fathers name is Pete Fowler. He was married at the time and should be around 60 years old now. Any info on him, please email me. (


TWIN GIRLS...born 2/25/67 in Philadelphia, PA.
( ISO ) B-FAMILY Adopted through the Childrens Home Society of NJ. We were placed in a foster home and adopted at approx 6 weeks old by a couple in South Jersey where we were raised. My name is Heather and my twin sisters name is Amber. We are searching mainly for a medical history update and a curiosity as to how your life has been so far. We hope it has been wonderful! Any info would be appreciated and we understand if you don't want to identify yourself! If you are reading this and have any information it would be most appreciated! You can email me at

B-Mom searching for twin girls
I am helping my friend Barb start her search for her twin girls born
April,23,1971 in Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island, Canada.In the
Charlottetown Hospital. The Twins were placed in a Catholic home in the
U.S.A. Around that time the babies from here were placed in N.J., NY.Her
non-identifing doesn't state too much but it says the adad was in his 30's
and worked at the same "firm" for the time of adoption.
Barb called the twin Girls Rebecca Lynn / Rita Anne but as everyone knows
the names always change. I'm a birthmom myself and ISO bson
7/27/70. He was adopted into Cranbury,New Jersey From P.E.I. also. His name
now is Frank Raymond Rizzi.Contact me at


In May 1999

twin males born 11-04-65 in elmira new york at arnot odgen hospital
to clarence and katherine bailey.Contact me at
( )

DOB: 9-1-69 9:25am & 9:38am
Birth Names: Ronald & Donald
Birth wt: 3lb,1oz & 3lb,15oz
Born: Both Maternity Home, Phila., Pa.
Contact me at (

Boy - Girl Twins ISO B-Parents
One of the twins is very sick and would love to find there b-parents.Here is a link to there web site with all the info for there search.
Keith & Kari - June 29, 1958 click on this.
If the link wont work for you here is the web address, (

City & State---Broklyn,NY
Hospital---St Johns
My twin boys went to live in Freeport,Long Ilsand with a family by the name of (Martinez )
Contact me at.

I have been helping a friend try to locate twin sisters, they were born
in Caribou,Maine in the early 60s and she thinks she remembers it being
in the warmer months.
If any of this sounds familiar please e-mail me.
( ) Or


Birth family searching for Twins
I am looking for my
birthsiblings. They are twins, born July 31th, 1963 in Augsburg/Germany.
Their names are Maria Helma or Dana Hoffmann and Kurt-Juergen or
Kurt-Michael Hoffmann. They were both adopted by a familiy in France in
1964. The name of the family is Van Beers. The name of the adotionfather
is Richard van Beers. The family used to live in Herrsching am Ammersee/
Germany in 1964. We have the same mother, her name is Heide Gerhild
Helgard Hoffmann, DOB: December 23th, 1943 in Obermedlingen/Germany. But
I don't know the name of the bfather of my siblings. Thankful for any
information Konrad
Konrad Siebenhueter


Birth Siblings Searching For Twin Brothers
Twin Boys
Click on link to go to the web page with all the info for these TWINS

( found twins )
B- family searching for Twins M/F set
I am searching for my siblings they are twins, in a male/female set.
They were adopted sometime between 1970 and 1975, in the Tampa, Fl
area. Before adoption they were named Mary Lee Gill and Thomas Lee Gill
Jr, they were born on 09/30/67 in Bradford, Pa at Bradford regional
medical center.
We are also twins we were born 11/26/68 born in the same place. We were
reunited with our birth parents on 10-23-98, they saw one of my postings
on a registry and contacted me, and would love to find Mary and Thomas.
Our birth parents names are Thomas Lee Gill and Mary Agnes
(Lingenfelter) Gill. And we have a younger sister that we just found out
about, she is 25 years old and lives 20 miles from our bparents. Please if anyone can help or knows anything contact me at

Twin Male Searching For B-Family
My name is Stephen A. Delap. My birth name was Alvin Alfred Krause. My
twin brother (Alva Edward Krause) and I were born at 7:02 am and 7:08 am
respectively on March 23, 1949, at Kansas City Missouri. We were both
adopted by the same adoptive family (Doris H. and Darwin Delap Jr.) in
July 1949. We were placed for adoption by St. Anthony's Home for
Infants, and the adoptions were finalized in July 1950. I am searching
for my birthmother/birthfather and any/all members of my birth family.
Please contact me via Email or at (330) 723-3207 if you have any info.

B-Mom ISO Twin Son's
City & State---Syracuse,NY
Contact me at (


Searching for birth family TWIN BOYS
City & State---Everett,Washington
Attending Dr.----Benton Wilson
Adoptive Parents names---Harvey & Violet
Please contact me at

Adopted Twin searching for B-Family
My twin & i were born on 5-21-1951
time of births 2:20 am & 2-46 am
Named --- Gerald & Terrance
Born in New York City
Adoption Agency--Spence Chapin
My twin brother passed away in 1988My adoptive parents have pass away so i feel i can now look for my b-family.
Our B-Mom was 24 years old and from the south,she also had a 5 year old daughter from a previous marriage.
Contact me at


B-Mom searching for twins
The doctor told me I had twins -- born 4/1/71 at Lakewood General Hospital, Lakewood/ Tacoma, WA. The doctor also said that they were adopted by a couple who were both pediatricians and couldn't have any children. Their names at birth would have been "Baby Siegel' If this information sounds familiar, please contact me at

My niece, Mary, was born Oct. 25, 1962 at, we believe, Valley Drs. Hospital in North Hollywood California. Mary has never seen a copy of her original birth certificate but her birth mother said that the name was either Whitley or Whiting or something close to that. She was born, according to the corrected birth certificate at 10:32pm.
She was told that she was a twin and that her twin died shortly after birth. We could never find any records of a baby dying at that hospital on that day or the next.
We have heard so many stories of twins being seperated and told that the other one "died". It makes you wonder.
Mary's birth mother told her that her parents were married and that they didn't want children, which of course is very upsetting to her. She was told that her birthfather was a Violinist.
Contact me at  (


TWINS were born October 25, 1962 at Valley Doctors Hospital in North
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Parents were not married. One
had last name of Whiting (or similar). Both thought to be about 26 years old and father a violinist in aorchestra.
One twin (Kimberly) lived and one twin "we're told" died. Kimberly was adopted. But, did the other twin REALLY die?? And, where are the parents??
Can you help Kimberly?? Her


I'm a birthmom searching for my twin birthdaughters born on 9/8/84 in Pennsylvania. I do have further info.Email Holly at

Twins searching for their birth mother: Bmom's name is either Beth Meyer or Beth Meyers. The twins were born Dec. 17 JRun Server Name: nutch2 pageload time: 94ms