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The Woodshed - Christmas Midi Files
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The Woodshed's
Christmas MIDI Files

.Play"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
13k MIDI File
Midi Info

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Accessing the File Libraries

Download ZIP file with all 79 songs - 611649 bytes (PKZIP 2/Winzip Format)

PC Users can Download a Self-extracting EXE file with all 69 songs
allxmas.exe - 650240 bytes (Winzip SE File)

View the text file about the songs: xmasmidi.txt - 6608 bytes

Access the Christmas MIDI Directory

Currently none of the MIDI files are on the deckernet server.


Stocking Christmas MIDI Music


My Christmas MIDI Files
Christmas music sequenced or significantly remixed by Martha Decker


Mannheim Steamroller Christmas MIDI Files
"Fresh Aire Christmas" MIDI files


Peanuts Christmas MIDI Files
Peanuts Christmas songs done in MIDI


Other Christmas MIDI Files
Other good Christmas MIDI files


Stocking Other Christmas MIDI Sites


The Christmas Connection: Sequences for the Christmas Season
Tons of Christmas MIDI's from MIDIWORLD


Unique Christmas Carol MIDI Files
Nice Christmas MIDIs from DeLong Farms


MIDI Files of Christmas Carols
Christmas MIDIs with Multilingual Lyrics


New Christmas Music
Christmas MIDIs from Songs of Praise


Christmas Music
Christmas MIDIs from Catholic.Net


Christmas Musics
Christmas MIDIs from the MIDI Parlour


Kerstmis muziek
Christmas MIDIs and CD's from

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Order Christmas Songbooks

Big Book of Christmas Songs
Big Book of Christmas Songs

Nearly 300 pages
128 Christmas Songs
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100 Great Christmas Songs
100 Great Christmas Songs

Incredible collection
from the classic
to the contemporary
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120 Best Known Christmas Songs
120 Best Known Christmas Songs

120 Christmas classics
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The Best in Christmas Sheet Music
The Best in Christmas Sheet Music

26 seasonal favorites
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The New Oxford Book of Carols
The New Oxford Book of Carols

Music and text
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And the Angels Sing
And the Angels Sing

A Song Book of
Classic Christmas Carols
Click for More Info

About This Page

Graphics on this page were hand crafted from scratch and from other graphics by Martha Decker on a Dell 8300 using Corel Photo Paint and Paint Shop Pro. The page itself was created using Hot Dog Pro 7.03 for Windows. If you are interested in using any of my graphics, please send an email to the autoresponder for permission.

This page was developed on a computer running at 1280x1024 resolution at 65K colors. If you are running at a different resolution or color depth, things might not look as intended. I HIGHLY recommend that you run at least 65K colors. The Web will look dramatically different to you - I guarantee it!

The background tile on this page was created using Corel Photo Paint's Terazzo filter.

Click HERE to view it or click HERE to view the JPEG version of it.

The CGI counter on this page is an adaptation of the Text Counter that uses Server Side Includes which can be found at Matt's Script Archive.

MIDI Notes

In order to hear MIDI files on the Web, you must:
  1. Have a system with a sound card capable of playing MIDI

  2. Have the proper sound and MIDI drivers installed on your system

  3. Have a MIDI helper application or plugin set up in your Web browser

For more info check out the following Web page:

To find a MIDI player, helper application, or plugin for your Web browser check out the following Web page:

The arrangements that were sequenced by me were sequenced for Soundblaster AWE 32 using Cakewalk Apprentice, Cakewalk 3.0, and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. They are in Standard MIDI Type 1 Format, and should work with any General Midi sequencer.

All songs that have been remixed by me were remixed with the SB16 AWE-32 in mind. In some sequences containing a Trumpet instrument, the Trumpet has been changed to Tuba due to the fact that I didn't like the AWE 32's Trumpet voice (note - an EXCEPTION to the rule - the AWE32 makes beautiful, realistic sounding music). If your own sound card has a decent trumpet voice, then feel free to load the files into your favorite MIDI sequencer program and change the trumpet voice.

Note about embedding MIDI files: Many people have asked me why I don't embed the MIDI files on my pages. While I think that the idea of embedded files is neat in many respects, I do not like the idea of files being downloaded to a person's system without their knowing it, and this is what happens when a file is embedded on a Web page.


The MIDI files on these pages that were not sequenced by me were all found in public domain MIDI libraries.

To the best of my knowledge they are Christmas "standards" and are in the public domain. If there is a file that should not be here, by all means please let me know and I will remove it.

MIDI authors: I strongly recommend that you include any info about usage of your files in the MIDI file itself in the track fields or marker fields. This can definitely help to keep credit where credit is due.

Use of the MIDI Files

You are welcome to use the MIDI files that you find on this server, but please adhere to the following rules:

  1. You can freely download these MIDI files for your own personal use on your own machine. If you want to distribute them on the Web, on disk, on a Compact Disc, or in any other way, please send an email to You will receive an automatically generated response that contains further information - I won't receive your mail. I will only get a log of who has requested this info. To actually send me an email to make comments, etc. send to

    Note: The info autoresponder will ONLY work with the email address.

    Please do NOT contact me asking permission to use any files that were not sequenced by me. I do not have the right to give permission for any files that I did not create to be used on a "for profit" Web site, Compact Disc, or other commercial venture.

  2. These files may NOT be sold or used for commercial purposes without the consent of their respective MIDI authors. To find out more about the files and their MIDI authors, please read my xmasmidi.txt file. Sorry - I have no information on the publishers of most of these songs. To the best of my knowledge, they are Christmas "standards" that are in the public domain as they were all found in the public domain.

  3. After requesting the info as described above, if you are going to put any of these files on the Web, do NOT load any of these MIDI files directly from this server to your Web pages. Please download them, upload them to your own server, and link to the copies on your own server in your Web pages.

  4. It is not required, but I would like you to link back to my pages to give credit where credit is due if you are going to use any of these files on the Web.

    Link back to any of the following pages:

Footnote: If you have made a direct link from your Web page to any of my MIDI files, they will not work right now. From now until at least after Christmas, all of the files will be stored on servers other than deckernet so that I don't get charged extra for them being downloaded. I repeat, none of the MIDI files are on the server, so learn your lesson and a little bit of netiquette, and don't directly link to files on other people's servers. Download them, and put them on your own server! You don't realize the potential that has for costing a free site like this one lots of money. One year it cost me . So, I'm not being a "grinch" or anything... I am just trying to make sure that the site doesn't put me in the poor house. :-)

Thank you, and enjoy!

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